ACES 2021 Conference - Association for Counselor Education and Supervision

Graduate Student Activities

ACES Graduate Student Lounge
Location: Lenox

Graduate Student Lounge hosted by NCACES (Thursday, October 7th 9:30am-11:00am):
Title: Morning Memes and Surviving Screens
Laura Dunson, Kevin Kusy, and Emily Herman
Kickoff your conference day by joining the NCACES Graduate Student Lounge! This drop-in lounge will celebrate the shared successes and stresses of graduate student life through make-your-own meme activities. In the spirit of our shared virtual space this past year, we will share tips for managing Zoom-fatigue, as well as balancing transitions between virtual and in-person spaces.

Graduate Student Lounge hosted by
RMACES (Thursday, October 7th 1:30pm-3:00pm):
Title: Demystifying the Process: Discussion on the Journey from Graduate Student to Faculty
Abigail Crouse, Amirah Nelson, and Emily Anderson
The RMACES graduate student committee is hosting a panel that will explore topics that help students in their journey to gaining a faculty position. The panel of faculty members will share on topicsthat aid in gaining faculty positions, including what students can do during their graduate experience (i.e., research, presentations, networking) and the process of getting a faculty position (i.e., the interview process, questions, etc.).

Graduate Student Lounge hosted by SACES (Friday, October 8th 10:30am-12:00pm):
Title: "SACES Posters, Publishing, and Panel"
Shelby Gonzales, Galaxina Wright, and Lauren Flynn

Graduate Student Lounge hosted by WACES (Friday, October 8th 3:30pm-5:00pm):
Title: "Unmute: In Person Graduate Student Research Presentations"
Jessie Du Pre and Brain Clarke

Graduate Student Lounge hosted by
NARACES (Saturday, October 9th 10:00am-11:30am):
Title: "Faculty career search 101"
Calling all job seekers! Curious about the faculty job search process? Looking for strategies to stand out? Come join us at the NARACES graduate student lounge for a chance to engage with a panel of faculty who have recently experienced this process and/or who have served on the hiring committee. Faculty will share their personal stories and ways to make this experience seamless! Followed by the panel will be an opportunity to network with faculty and fellow graduate students.
Carolyn Bazan and Yangyang Liu

ACES Graduate Student Meeting
Saturday October 9th 5:15 PM - 6:15 PM, Regency V

ACES Graduate Student Reception – Dessert and Ice Cream Social
Saturday, October 9th 6:15 PM - 7:15 PM, Regency Foyer and Pool Deck