ACES 2021 Conference - Association for Counselor Education and Supervision

Pre-conference #4

Are your students ready to be advocates? Preparing students for meaningful work in advocacy.
Date: Wednesday, October 6, 2021
Time: 2:00 to 3:30 pm
Session Fee: $25

Sponsored by the Advocacy Interest Network
Dr. Cara Metz, Ed. D., LPC, University of Arizona Global Campus

Advocacy is an important part of counseling and our counseling identity, yet there is not always a large of focus on advocacy in counselor education. Once we get into the field, we are often overwhelmed with our clients, paperwork, phone calls, and other tasks that advocacy can take a back seat. This workshop will examine the role of advocacy in the field, both for the profession and for those we serve. Through this interactive workshop, we will examine how to create meaning and excitement in our students for advocacy projects, as well as gain knowledge of ways to approach advocacy assignments that can be used throughout a program. Finally, participants will work together to formulate advocacy assignments they can use in their classrooms.

1. Participants will gain resources they can share with students on advocacy and understand how they can use it resources in the classroom
2. Participants will learn ways to incorporate meaningful advocacy education and activities in their counseling curriculum.
3. Through the information provided in the workshop, participants will develop their own assignments for their program.