ACES 2021 Conference - Association for Counselor Education and Supervision

Pre-conference #1

School Counselor Educators as Leaders: Examining School Counselor Education Antiracist Practices and Identity
Date: Wednesday, October 6, 2021
Time: 1:00 to 4:00 pm
Session fee: $45

Sponsored by the School Counseling Interest Network (SCIN)
Please join the School Counseling Interest Network (SCIN) for a two-part pre-conference in which we’ll share information and engage in small-group and large-group discussions.

Part 1: Antiracist Leadership in School Counselor Education
Dr. Erin Mason
Dr. Kara Ieva
Dr. Krystal Clemons
Dr. Caroline Lopez-Perry
Dr. Vanessa Placeres
Dr. Rachel Saunders
Jan Gay, Doctoral Student (University of Florida)
Adrianne Robertson, Doctoral Student (Georgia State)

The call for school counselor educators to act as antiracist leaders in the field is louder than ever. Through findings from a recent qualitative study, presenters will discuss school counselor educators’ understanding of the essential constructs that define antiracism within school counseling at large. Group discussion will follow.

Part 2: Identity in School Counselor Education
Dr. Jennifer Betters-Bubon
Dr. Emily Goodman-Scott
Dr. Olamojiba Bamgbose

Recent changes in the profession, including a new relationship between national organizations, an updated national model, and a new preparation program recognition have the potential to impact policy, preparation, and subsequent school counseling practice. Please join us to discuss the role of counselor educators as we navigate these changes. We will highlight a recent phenomenological investigation to understand school counselor educators’ experiences and perceptions regarding recent changes in the counseling field and discuss how, as leaders, we can move the field forward. Attendees will participate in small and large-group discussion.

1. Conceptualize antiracist school counseling
2. Operationalize antiracist school counseling in the context of school counselor education
3. Evaluate ways to solidify school counselor identity
4. Analyze how recent changes in the society and the field impact school counseling preparation
5. Create a plan for ongoing advocacy within counselor education programs